There are so many parties, weddings, receptions, family reunions and more going on that can make a single person feel overwhelmed with the details of planning it. Often people go in search of an event planner to fill in the gaps or take over the event all together. Having someone else help you see your vision when it comes to your event can make the process so much less daunting and overwhelming. The memories of what you are about to attend will be flawless and stress free even as the event approaches. There is never anything worse than attending your own event frazzled by all the details that an event planner could have easily taken care of for you. You can put your mind at ease knowing Medallion Occasions will cover everything for you making sure the event is carefree and exciting for all those in attendance.

Design and color for your event

Do you have a specific design in mind as you are trying to get your event off the ground? An event planner will take your ideas and turn them into reality. Having an event planner can also help fill in the blanks when it comes to color scheme. We even have you covered if you are given the daunting task of making a bride’s vision real. That is what event planners are for. Medallion Occasions will not leave a single stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect design and color for your special occasion. The possibilities are endless and the work is ours to take off your hands. Everything from the ceilings to the floors will be splashed with your ideas and our creative backing. You cannot go wrong when planning your event if you pull in the professionals to help you get the job done.

Bringing in some personal touches

Each and every person is different. Being able to bring in your personal details and design style is why having an event planner can help you. Not only will an event planner intertwine everyone involved idea of what they want the event to look like, it could possibly save some arguments and stress as the event draws closer. Each person will be included and fit in seamlessly when you use Medallion Occasions. You being able to have peace of mind as you walk into an event and see the little details that remind you of the guest of honor can set an inescapable mood for you and your guest. It will be hard not to get lost in the ambiance of the evening as you chat and dance the night away celebrating something special going on in your lives with the people you hold closest to you. We will add anything in from a favorite season to a memorable vacation you took with that special someone or the whole family. From colors and lights we will capture the feel you are looking for.

Your style to a T

Do you have something specific in mind that you just cannot seem to capture on your own? Using an event planner can and will make all the difference for you and your guest. That vision you have in your mind for center pieces we can create for you. Our handmade crafts to bring in a little piece of you along with adding that professional touch will leave you and your guest captivated by the style that only you could have inspired. We, as event planners, work with you in creating your perfect event. The linens that drape across the tables will be custom made to accent your theme. There are no worries with picking a “close enough” table cloth color when you pull in our professional event planners here at Medallion Occasions.

Where will the event be?

When it comes to the small details of your event where you host the event is important to us too. You, being able to have the advice and knowledge of an event planner when choosing the venue will put your mind at ease. Event planners take care of all the details when scheduling the big day so you do not have too. There will be no detail left out when picking the size of the venue and the location of the venue. We will offer you suggestions and choices of some of the best, elegant places available to you for your special day. Close your eyes and relax. The details are all left to Medallion Occasions and our spectacular event planners to figure out and complete with elegance and grace as we approach your day. You can sit back and take a in a breath of fresh air knowing we hear exactly what you envisioned from the minor details to the extra special details that tell everyone they are attending your event.