wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale

Most of us start planning our wedding when we are children. As children we tend to not leave out any details. We already have our dress designed with lace in the perfect spots and maybe even buttons up the back of the dress. The tuxes are the perfect black and if you are daring pink! Our hair lays exactly the way we want it to and our smiles are bright with excitement. The flowers for your big day are just as important and the types you can have are endless. The color possibilities for your flowers can feel overwhelming. You will be worry free with our wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale as you are narrowing down your choices of over the top themes or mild and romantic centerpieces.

Everyone’s needs are met

It does not matter if you are Indian, Jewish, Gay, Same Sex, straight. There are no cultural differences when looking for wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale. Our experts have you covered regardless of your wants, needs and desires on your big day. If it is important to you, it is important to us. The styles and capability of our team here at Medallion Occasions will leave you, your family and guest breathless as your day approaches. We do not decimate who you choose to love or how you choose to celebrate. We will take both of you and come up with the perfect floral arrangement that meets up to both of your expectations without leaving anyone feeling like they were not heard. Diversity makes Medallion Occasions special and your cultural difference makes you stand out.

Flowers for everyone

Here at Medallion Occasions we have flowers for everyone needs and wants. Do you love yellow? How about a calla lily bouquet wrapped with a while silk ribbon for you and your bridesmaids to carry down the aisle.  All of our wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale, are made to stand out and carry with them your desire and design. Would a simple center piece of greenery and vines tangled around a candle be more fitting for you as a couple? If you have seen it in your mind speak up and let us create your vision. Each and every detail when it comes to the floral arrangements will be show to us through your voice and we want you to freely express it so we can re create it for you.

How does the idea of a white rose bouquet that drapes down from your hands sound appealing to you. What about throwing splashes of light pink or bright pink through out to bring out the color of your centerpieces? That beautiful bouquet can be translated into smaller styles for your entire wedding party. We will take care of the details from the bridesmaid’s bouquets to the men’s boutonnieres.

Flowers for other decorations

As you are approaching closer and closer to your wedding you are by now certainly considering wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale that extend past just your bouquet. Flowers at a wedding can be what ties each and everything little detail together. If you have chosen a color scheme that does not leaving you feeling like it will fit in the end, use flowers to tie it throughout your wedding. One thing that has always been amazing is the Varity and endless colors of flowers. Each and every petal of a flower is shaped different and has a different texture. Bringing all aspect together can give your unique wedding design depth and a note of class that you did not think you could have.

Floral arrangements can be used to line your aisle with color and subtle romance for you and your guest to enjoy. A water fall effect of flowers of many different colors can be achieved when using wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale. You can take the water fall of flowers and drape it down walls to use a beautiful backdrop. You have the ability to hide objects that can not be removed from venues with flowers to pull in another beautiful scene for you and your guest to look at.

The choice is yours

By now you have come up with your own amazing, stunning ideas of what you want on your special day when you use wedding floral arrangements in Fort Lauderdale. You can see that the possibilities are endless and there is no task to large or to small here at Medallion Occasions that we can conquer. Show up with a smile on your face and a few ideas about what you envision your reception hall and wedding aisle way looking like and we will fill in the blanks with other ideas and show you what we have created already. You can have the wedding of your dreams and you will always be able to look back on that day and reminisce about the endless beauty it held.