Fort Lauderdale Wedding Services

Are you getting ready to plan your wedding? Well, congratulations from Medallion Occasion! We’re happy to hear the good news! You’re probably worried about planning part of your wedding. So many small details go into the wedding such as floral arraignments, invitations, and overall theme of your wedding. You want that picture perfect wedding everyone will remember. We want your wedding to be the best day ever to you, and we plan to help you every step of the way! Here are some of the wedding services we have to offer to our wonderful clients to help you on your big day.

Floral Designs for the Wedding

Here at Medallion Occasion we like to call ourselves flower snobs. Why? We care about the floral arrangements that go into your wedding. Whether you’re interested in a classic bouquet of roses as a centerpiece for the table or a splash of color by using sunflowers, we’re more than happy to provide! Our flowers are of the highest quality, so you know you’re getting the best when you come to us. We make sure you have exactly what you need.

Do you have any flowers in mind? Perhaps you want to go with a more unique look? Tell us what kind of flowers bouquets you would like for your wedding! We’re known for doing unique arrangements for our clients. We will work with you, and love to hear your input when it comes to making the floral arrangements. So if you have any special ideas or requests in mind, rest assured our friendly trained professionals will be more than happy to listen. After all, this big day has to be perfect.

Wedding Invitation Designs

When you start to plan out your wedding one of the first images people will see of it are the wedding invitations. What kind of wedding are you planning on throwing? Are you going to throw a pink wedding? Will it have lace? Perhaps you want to go with a modern wedding style? No matter your preferences for this beautiful day, we’ll help you make the perfect invitations. We have a wide variety of stationary for you to choose from. From foil to chic, you’re bound to find what is suitable for the occasion.

It doesn’t end there though. On top of choosing your own wedding invitations, we are more than happy to help you with the design! We know sometimes people like to have a theme to their wedding. Perhaps your wedding is going to be a religious ceremony? Or, maybe you have a cultural preference, for example Indian or Japanese themes? Even if it’s a same sex wedding, we want to make sure you have just the right wedding invitation style to fit it. Just like our floral designs we love to have your input on what it is you’re looking for.

We know the frustration of having to go from place to place. Looking for just that perfect addition to your wedding you have in your mind. Yet, not matter where you look no one has it. That is why in Fort Lauderdale we want to be your one stop shop for everything you need! This will help you to save time and energy to dedicate to your big day. Our main focus is you, and what you dream about we seek to make it a reality.

Décor for Your Wedding

One of the biggest issues you may face when planning out your wedding is the décor. The décor shows the personality of the two special people getting married. At the Medallion Occasion studio, we have over 3500 sq. ft. to present you with examples of décor. So you can imagine we have quite a bit to show our clients who are gracious enough to bring their business to us.

We know there are going to be many elements to your wedding. Here at Medallion Occasion, we’re all about the small details. If there is a detail in your wedding you don’t like or wish to add, we’ll go all out. We’ll fix the detail, take out, or make it fit. Whether you’re going with a classic wedding or going the whimsical route, we’re more than happy to provide. This also gives you an opportunity to see first-hand some elements you may want to add to your wedding. So you can hand pick the ones in person you like best. We have full furniture hire, adornments for bridal bouquets, gorgeous linens, and so much more!

It can be stressful as you’re planning out your wedding. You have to have the invitations out on time. You have to make sure the caterer is going to be serving the right dishes. It’s a hard, stressful time. At Medallion Occasion we want to make the transition from love at first sight to your happily ever after smoothly. This is why we focus so much on what our clients want. When you come to us, we want you enjoy the process of planning your wedding. We want to make it perfect. For everyone involved it will be the “big day” to remember when you walk down that aisle.

This is the reason why we insist on you telling us your ideas for your wedding. We want to make sure everything comes out to your exact criteria. Please, feel free to browse our website. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our wedding services.