Medallion Occasion Boutique

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life.  Few things will compare to the magnitude of this day for a bride.  Little girls grow up dreaming of the perfect wedding – what she will wear, who will be her bridesmaids, where will the big event happen, and how big will that diamond ring be, exactly?  Brides cannot, and should not, trust this sacred occasion to just any event company.

Medallion Occasion Boutique and owner Noel Brown will make certain that your dream will come true, just as you imagined it all those years ago and up till now.  Medallion Occasion is the go-to company to bring your vision to life.

The Wedding “Fairy Godmother”

Noel’s customers – brides, mother of the bride, and guests – cannot say enough about her sense of style, her hands-on approach, creativity, and attention to detail.  Many brides say they cannot imagine how they would have pulled off the wedding of their dreams without Noel.

From her sense of style, floral creations, working relationships with the best people in the wedding business in South Florida, to her “amazing” ability to bring a vision to life, no matter how obscure, satisfied customers rave about her work, professionalism, and personal touch.

The Flowers

Flower designs, from centerpieces to bouquets, are one of the most important parts of a wedding.  Noel, with her 20 plus years of experience, knows how to take a wedding and reception into the stratosphere of perfection with floral design.  A self-proclaimed “floral fanatic,” she and her team know how to create a magical floral masterpiece that will transform even the most sterile reception space into a wonderland that will leave you and your guests speechless.

The quality of the flowers can truly make all the difference in the world.  The members of the Medallion Occasion team are “floral snobs,” knowing and working with the best growers, both local and international, to bring to your tables and bouquets only the best, brightest, and most beautiful flowers in the world, because you deserve the beauty and elegance they bring to your day.  Your guests will be talking about them long after the big day is over.

You are Cordially Invited

Your invitations should be a keepsake for your wedding guests and the first glimpse of the spectacular event that your wedding day will be, as designed by Medallion Occasion Boutique.  Wedding planning should be fun, not stressful.  Medallion Occasion takes the worry and stress out of wedding planning, making it fun again – starting with designing your invitations.

Noel knows how to help you design wedding invites that make a grand entrance.  Come and sit down in our studio and prepare to be amazed at all of the beautiful design combinations.  Choose from contemporary designs, thermography (which gives the look of engraving, without the expense), letterpress (literally pressing the lettering into the paper), or foil press (which uses foil stamping for a shiny, lustrous finish), then choose from a wide variety of lettering styles, including hand-quilled, and calligraphy, with matching envelopes, RSVP cards, and accessories.

It’s all in the Details

Noel knows how to pull a room together, fill it with color, lights, and food and create a one-of-a-kind wedding and reception.  Your décor should fit your personality.  Here is where the personal touch of Medallion Occasion makes the difference.  Because Noel gets to know you, your groom, and family’s personal style and preferences, she is able to create a design concept that fits you to a tee.  Is your style more laid back or classic?  Do you love romantic details or contemporary, clean lines?  She’s seen and done just about everything imaginable, and yet still manages to create something fresh and new every time so that no two weddings will be alike.

Take advantage of all that experience, though.  Noel can pull together ideas based on her vast experience with brides of all sorts to bring to the table ideas you may have never thought of.  You can get the best of every bride’s vision and make it into something new! Want something unique at each table to make the room interesting, yet want it all to work together smoothly?  Noel can do that.  Or do you prefer a classy, scaled down design with a simple monochromatic display?  She can do that too.  If you can dream it, she can do it, and if you can’t dream it, she can!

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Hiring Medallion Occasion and Noel’s team of magicians takes the stress out of planning a wedding.  Most brides and mothers going into the planning stages of a wedding, no matter how lavish or simple, have no idea how much time, effort, and thought goes into planning a wedding.  That’s why your wedding planner will be your most valuable asset when it comes to getting it all done – on time, with nothing left out.

Picking out a color scheme can seem very daunting on your own.  Noel works with you to find the perfect blend of your favs without overdoing it.  Maybe your favorite colors seem too far apart to ever come together in one place.  You would be surprised at how these color combinations can work together, even the most unlikely ones, when used in the right place and proportion to one another.  It’s all about subtlety and a great eye for design.


Leave a lasting impression on your guests with customized wedding favors.  Medallion Occasion specializes in handmade favors that are sure to delight each guest and become keepsakes to remember the day and sharing in your joy.  Guests feel special knowing you cared enough to create something special and one-of-a-kind just for them on your day.

You won’t be sorry for investing in Medallion Occasion Boutique to plan your wedding.  There is something for every budget.  Let Noel show you how much can be done and how lavish your day can be even on a tight budget; in fact a tight budget sometimes needs a planner more than a large one.  Your guests will be impressed and only you will know how little it cost.  If your budget is larger, Noel can help you make the best of it.  Medallion Occasion makes wedding dreams come true.