wedding floral design in Fort Lauderdale

Your bridal bouquet is special. It is a once in a lifetime accessory, no matter the type of wedding you are planning from religious and cultural, to any other style. After all, what other time will you be able to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers that have been designed specifically for you? Your entire day can essentially be planned around the wedding floral design in Fort Lauderdale that you chose.

However, if you have very little experience with bouquets, or even flowers in general, then there will be a number of questions that you need to consider.

  • What type of flowers should be used in the bouquet?
  • What shapes and colors will work best with your dress?
  • How big do you want the bouquet to be?
  • How do you plan to hold your bouquet?

In order to help answer all these important questions, use the tips that are highlighted here.

Choose Your Dress Before the Floral design for Weddings in Fort Lauderdale

When you are meeting with your florist, or browsing through flowers for your wedding floral design in Fort Lauderdale, you should be sure to bring along a picture of the dress that you have chosen. The shape, detail and style of your dress will be used to determine the design of your bouquet. Be sure that you choose flowers that will not drown or hide you, the silhouette of the dress or cause an unbalanced line.

Choose the Size and Shape of Your Floral Design for Wedding in Fort Lauderdale Carefully

You should not choose a trailing bouquet if the main detail that is on your dress is the skirt; however, if you have a bustle or long train on the back of the dress, then you may want to choose a bouquet that is more dramatic in order to balance the look. Be sure that you do not hide or block your waist, since for many people this will be your narrowest feature. You should be sure that the bouquet that you ultimately choose is smaller than your waist.

Even though the fashions for wedding bouquets will change as time passes, it is important that you take the time to find one that will work with your dress, but that will not hide or drown out the details or embellishments that are present.

Find Floral Arrangement Ideas in Fort Lauderdale that Use Flowers that are In-Season

If you are planning to have your Indian or same sex wedding in the fall, then choose flowers that are in season this time of year. The same goes for summer, spring or winter weddings. This will ensure that the flowers you choose are available and affordable. Some of the most popular flower options for each season include:

  • Summer: Snapdragon; Gerbera; Oncidium Orchid; Freesia; Stock; and Sunflower
  • Fall: Dahlia; Calla lily; Rose; Leucadendron; and Yarrow
  • Winter: Gardenia; Oriental Hybrid Lily; Tulip; Rose; and Ranunculus
  • Spring: Peony; Rose; Sweat Pea; Iris; Tweedia; Calla Lily; and Hyacinth

While there are other flowers than these available, these are some of the most popular that are available.

Consider Colors when Looking for Floral Arrangement Ideas in Fort Lauderdale

There is no question that color is essential, especially if your wedding dress is cream, ivory or white. There are a number of different shades available to choose for your wedding floral design in Fort Lauderdale, which means that you need to consider this carefully when making your selection. You should also ensure that the bridesmaid’s bouquets complement the color of their dresses.

If you have to have your dress altered, then you should ask for any spare material that may come from the dress so that you can wrap it around the stems of the bouquets that are made. This will ensure that the flowers match and coordinate with the dresses that you have selected for your big day.

No matter the type of wedding you are planning, from gay or religious to Indian or cultural, finding the perfect bouquet is an important decision. In fact, the bouquet can be a real statement piece that you will remember forever. This is why you need to carefully consider the flowers that are used and the design of the bouquet that you want made.

When you have selected the flowers for the arrangement, you need to be sure that the florist you are using fully understands what you want so that you will be satisfied with the results that are achieved. Remember, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and this means that you can splurge a bit to ensure that the bouquet of your dreams is created. Keeping this in mind will help you find the perfect flowers and colors for your wedding bouquet.