wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale

Your partner just proposed to you and you could not be anymore elated then what you are feeling right now. You never thought you would see that day when gay marriage was accepted by the masses. Now that it has been you have to get your planning under weigh and all your ideas, plans and guest in a row. It is no surprise that one of the most important aspects of your wedding will be to get the invites out as soon as possible.

The worst thing you can do for your special day is forget to invite your guest to watch your momentous occasion and celebrate with you. Save-the-dates wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale are a fantastic option when it comes to having things planned to a T. If that sounds like the type of planner you are then go for it. Save the date invitations allow for you to see exactly who is coming and be prepared better on your spending budget. We have room in our design for everyone’s style. If you can dream it we can help accomplish exactly what you want.

The possibilities for your design are endless

When it comes to designing the perfect save-the-dates wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale the possibilities seem endless. Sit down with your same sex partner and put both your ideas into play when you are designing. One of the greatest aspects of our world today is how diverse the cultural similarities and differences are. Bringing a hint of the world into your wedding to make all those around you feel welcome and really add some dazzle and excitement to your special day.

Are you set on a particular color scheme yet or are you open to ideas and suggestions? You can even include a beautiful picture of the two of you for your family and friends to keep so they can always remember this once in a lifetime event that you are celebrating with them. Are ribbons and lace on your invitation menu? Fantastic! You can come sit down with us to go over your ideas and really lay something special out that represents the two of you as a couple. We offer a variety of concepts and styles to pull in your wedding design and your personalities.

Keeping traditions

Are you of Indian decent or do you just love the bright stand out features that an Indian wedding include? Allow us to help you pull that into your special day. Using save-the-dates wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale can give you a touch of culture as you invite your guest to an eye catching event. They will be sure to remember and talk about for ages. Bright colors of gold and red splashed throughout your wedding reception will connect the dots throughout your journey of planning this wedding. For your guest to see your themed wedding invitations allowing them to have a taste of what is to come can bring an extra cup of cheer once the day has finally arrived and they see the entire event put together.

If you love the stunning designs that encompass Indian traditions you can easily bring the Mehndi artwork to your invitations. Theses amazing traditions are meant to represent the inner and outer sun, it all centers on “Waking the inner light.” If symbolic is a passion of yours this is a positive route to take. Henna alone is considered a symbol of good luck, sensuality and health. Adding these delicate ideas into your day and your invitations offers your guest the wow factor.

Planning a day for you

Are you looking for save-the-dates wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale for a traditional Jewish wedding? We have exactly what you need here at Medallion Occasions Boutique. We have experience in a variety of different traditions as well as religions and personal beliefs. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect wedding invitation for you to share with your loved ones. Traditions are what we grow up learning about and keeping those apart of your wedding day from start to finish are important to us. It is often traditional for a bride and groom to stand under a canopy while the groom offers his bride her ring.

Many Jewish traditions might not be known to all of your friends and family. This day in age people are so diverse and open to many different back rounds. We now grow up with friends and even family from lots of ideas and religions. Why not include some of your personal traditions onto your invitations for people you love to read and be a part of. When someone attends a wedding and sees a canopy they certainly see the beauty in having one. What if you were able to draw them in even closer and allow those who do not know the traditions to really understand why this wedding is so special? Each decision you make for your special day will bring you and your guest closer. Create a place that fits both of you.