Because everybody deserves a boutique experience…Welcome to Medallion Occasion Boutique, where we specialize in wedding day & event design, decor, planning & unexpected ideas for a once-in-lifetime, or two…event.

Medallion’s wedding stationary in Fort Lauderdale will bring out the best for you and your groom here with spark and creativity.  Indeed, it is your wedding guests’ first impression when they open that envelope for that invite that they will be awed and to their surprise, a happy and delighted gesture will draw them closer to a celebration that will last a lifetime of memories for you and yours.  (And so, it definitely has to be perfect.)  Let our perfection and experience support and help guide you to your big day!

Medallion Occasion Boutique will specialize your wedding day needs with attention to detail and deliver your “c’est magnifique” for you and your love one’s picture perfect wedding day…

Creative and Affordable wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale 

Let’s begin with a fun consultation at affordable wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale at Medallion’s Boutique Studio… Let’s ensure every sentiment is designed to capture the style and create the anticipation & excitement for your guests.

Our collection of ready-made designs includes Contemporary (modern and sheek), Thermography (raised lettering), which is most affordable, or Classic Letterpress (the traditional invite), also, foil press (modern and glamourous)  and all affordable invites will gesture a presence that will demonstrate you and your groom’s memorable day (or night).  Your guest will feel the customized invitation when receiving it…and will make them want to RSVP immediately.

Yes, a wedding is about the couple – the design, theme, decor and, naturally, the detail should reflect who you both are as one.


Aiming for the finest Wedding Stationary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Noel and her staff are considered trendsetters here at our studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Her 3500 sq. ft of eloquent and fun-filled collaborations will have your memorized when you come in here at Medallion’s Boutique Studio. Let’s collaborate with you (mom, aunt, best friend, maid of honor, or groom alone) but remember here at Medallion’s Boutique Studio we aim for the finest wedding stationary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  If you are aiming for traditional, modern, classy, shabby chick, vintage, whimsical, glamourous, themed, or if you want us to take control of what we think your style is …after a fun consultation, we will do the “honors”.  Let’s collaborate and create that special invite, lacey, or leather, frilly, or shiny, we have it all.  Captivating through text, image, print style, and words, will shine for you and your big day.  From color, font styles, custom hand-quilled, computer calligraphy, and even calligraphy addressing, plus accessories, ustom hand quilled, calligraphy or computer calligraphy addressing & accessories, Medallion’s Boutique Studio, will take care of your wedding stationary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Let’s Save-the-Dates with Wedding Invitations in Fort Lauderdale

Our affordable wedding invitations in Fort Lauderdale can start you and your wedding party with Save the Dates.  Without that date, when and where can your guests be? Designed to your specifications; with minimal text and a photo(s) of you and the groom (plus more) we can capture that image that will define both you and your groom. In fact, your guests should RSVP with no hesitation.  One of our specialists at Medallion Occasion Boutique can get your started before the big day, with one of our wedding stationary experts.

Our dedication to your overall vision will ensure that there isn’t any detail overlooked. Your one-of-a-kind wedding invitation will be crafted to fit the needs of a flawless and fashionable occasion.

The personal style of you both as a couple will only excite for this special event.  In addition, to creating a classic experience, we are known to be simple and elegant which will ensure that even the smallest details are cohesively designed around you and your love’s personality.

Blushing Brides with Floral Fanatics and Quality that Blooms

Your flowers should blush with quality like you and since knowing the quality and how beautiful a flower blooms, like a couple, we are proud to admit that we offer the finest flowers available. We diligently work with the best local and international floral growers. We will ensure that our flowers will fulfill receptivity of your styles with trendy, colorful elegance. We have always comprised our eyes for great taste and looks when it comes to flowers as well.  We will inspire & design the unexpected, and our past brides will attest to this. 

Finally, visiting our studio to hand select all the stunning elements to compliment your design savvy. From spectacular adornments for the bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to outstanding tablescape embellishments, “Medallion has spectacular linens, full furniture hire and everything else to spark your imagination.” Harmonizing to the style of a romantic, traditional, modern, classy, shabby chic, vintage, whimsical, glamourous, or themed wedding, we’ll have it taken care of for your! collectables and collections to make the most beautiful eve

Contact us today, we’ll be delighted to hear from you: 954.772.6466, or visit our studio at  Medallion Occasion Boutique, Inc. – 1001 W Cypress Creek Rd Ste 116, Fort Lauderdale FL 33309